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What is Evo888?

Evo888 is one of the online casino in New Zealand, which is newly-established but slowly gaining its popularity over the years. Evo888 New Zealand is an exclusive online casino application that can be played by using a smartphone or a computer. Download Evo888 original application in our website now, to start the journey of wonderful and rewarding gambling!

Evo888 New Zealand opens 24/7, meaning players can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. Players do not even have to leave their houses or family; or leaving their offices between meetings, to the nearest casino (which is normally many miles away) in order to play some slot games. Instead, players just need to follow the simple instructions below to start playing games in just a few clicks!

Furthermore, Evo888 application is smooth and very easy to use. It features a great collection of classic casino games like slot games, card games, fish table games and so on. Besides the beautiful graphics that surely won't let players down, those games also give players high chances to win great prize, for example Super Spins, Daily Prizes and Jackpots are awaiting players to win!

Last but not least, the security of Evo888 application is highly emphasized by its developer company. The Evo888 application is always keeping up-to-date, to ensure the high quality of security system to meet the expectation of current players. Hence, players can rest assure that their data is encrypted and confidential, while using the game application.

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Evo888 Casino Lobby

Who are we?

We are one of the trusted online slot game casino agency companies in New Zealand that are known for our integrity and high efficiency. Our 24/7 customer service will always be ready to serve and assist during your registration, deposit, gaming and withdrawal process.

Our registration process is not complicated and hassle-free, that only require minimum personal information from a player, hence player's identity will remain safe. On top of that, privacy of player information is our top priority, we would not disclose any of player information to any third party under any circumstances.

What operation systems does Evo888 support?

Evo888 games can be played in both Android and iOS (iPhone 5s+) devices as well as in Windows PCs.

How to install Evo888 APK on Android device?

  1. Download the Evo888 APK provided in our website;
  2. Click "Install" after finish downloading the Evo888 APK;
  3. The prompt "Install unknown app" will be shown;
  4. Make sure to activate "Allow from this source";
  5. Press the back button followed by the "Install" button to complete installation of Evo888 APK;
  6. Evo888 for Android is READY TO PLAY.

How to install Evo888 on iOS device (iPhone 5s+)?

  1. Click "iOS" button at the download area in our website;
  2. A request "xxx wants to install Evo888" will be displayed;
  3. Click "Install";
  4. Return to the iPhone home screen and wait for the download process;
  5. After downloading, do not open Evo888 first;
  6. Go to "Settings → General → VPN & Device Management";
  7. Under ENTERPRISE AP, click the item with Not Trusted badge;
  8. Click Trust "XXX" followed by "Trust";
  9. Go back to iPhone home screen and Evo888 is READY TO PLAY.

How to start playing games in Evo888?

  1. Follow the instructions above to install the game application;
  2. Contact our customer service for Evo888 game ID registration;
  3. Complete the deposit process with our customer service;
  4. Start to play Evo888 games immediately with your game ID.
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